The things we accept in life get registered in our spirits, become strongholds and then determine the kind of life that we lead.

If we accept positive things, they get entrenched into our minds, control our thoughts so that we live life with a positive outlook: always looking to the bright side of things. We go through life with the hang the code attitude; ditching facts around us and only believing in our convictions- what the inner man is tells us.

It is the same with accepting and believing negatives, only that they harm us rather than help us. We are filled with gloom and fear of what is or isn’t. We become paranoid and pessimist. In the end we endure life instead of live it. 

You can be here or there: it all depends on one thing: perception and of mentality. Proverbs 23:7 says, …as a man thinks, so is he……
Until the mind is renewed, there can never be any transformation. What you think takes you captive, and that determines the limits of our potentials; therefore we must choose to be slaves to what is positive and helpful for therein lies our success and victories; and to do that we must breakdown every strongholds of negativity and pessimism. 

Many Reformations came about because some people refused to conform to the status quo. Yeah, the facts may say this and that, but what does the truth of God’s Word say? And whose report do you believe, man’s, the world’s or God’s???
Ponder over these scriptures and may the Lord grant you wisdom and insight into his word for transformation. Romans 4:18, 2 Corinthians 4:13.





cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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