the way ahead may seem bleak
the path to walk slippery with mud
though the waters be murky and turbulent
and the storm unabating
yet will I take my chances

life is a war to be fought
a mystery to unfold
a puzzle to piece together
a riddle to solve

in all this will I take my risks and wait
expecting a fovourable outcome
hoping that I have made my best move
and wishing for the best turnout

yes I will take my chances
though fate may always decide
but grace will keep me safe
for whatever comes or goes
life still goes on

risks I will take
if I succeed, PRAISE THE LORD
if I fail, I had nothing to lose anyways
for as far as faith could take me
I lived as I believed

dark clouds may hide the sun
yet its rays will always leave a golden glow on its edges
I may have many buts
my pluses will stand out nonetheless
like stars in the pitch black sky
my positives will ever twinkle

I will take my risks
my chances I will not lose sight of




cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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