there are those who choose to remain ashore;
others muster courage and get into the boat;
yet still, there are those who are bold enough, and throwing caution to the wind, daringly step out of the boat to take some few steps on the water.
Though doubt and fear may try to sink them, they are always assured of an arm of rescue and the experience gained is always worth the risk.
Life is all about taking risks and your degree of risk will also determine your degree of success. We can choose to remain where we are and continue to brood over our misfortunes or we can take the initiative and venture out boldly and begin to affect our own lives and those of them around us.

Peter could have chosen, like the rest of the apostles, to remain in the boat especially with the threatening winds and the crushing waves but he didn’t. Its no surprise that he was seen as the pillar in the early church.

Let nothing hold you back; take that bold step. You have nothing to lose and you got everything at your disposal. All you need is faith.



cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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