i look at me today and i see i have grown. 
I have grown 
not in size but in heart 
not in age but in mind and thought and emotion 
i have learned to be tolerant of all 
the spite, hatred, abuse, injustice, despise 
as much as opening up to love, encouragement. 
I have learnt to expect nothing from everything and everything from nothing. 
When all look down upon me and are all negative of me, i have learned to look up to me alone, 
and though they may see a loser in me, i see a hero. 
One of the ways to success is staying true to your passion 
believing in all possibilities and envisaging opportunities. 
Life is never fair and that is not going to change for anyone but those who are firm win in the end.

In me there is a HERO

In me is a winner……………





at this point in my short life on this earth, could there be anything under the sun that i might find new?????

death isnt new, neither is birth;

chaos isnt new, neither are peace and tranquility;

want is nothing new, nor is abundance;

there is nothing new to wealth or poverty;

loneliness isnt anything unheard of, nor is companionship;

hunger is not new, and being filled is nothing special;

marriage and divorce are as old as time itself;

weddings are funerals will continue as they are;

hostility and friendliness are two sides of the same coin;

love will go love will come and hatred wont cease;

abuses will persist and pampering, the same story;


whatever will be has already been and as the earth remains, the sun will continue to rise and set and the moon will keep up its waning routine.wars will continue and those who have peace within them will live with it.knowledge will continue to increase and advancement in technology will not cease.life will go on as has been from the beginning itself.


the only new thing i find in my life is the renewed love of CHRIST for me each day.at my best HE loves me unconditionally and at my lowest ebb, HE loves me even more- though i may never understand, this newness of divine love will never fail me. it is there for me everyday as well as for everyone who believes in that love………………





One woman of God was asked to sort of give a definition for GRACE and according to her
“Grace, she says, is the thing when you are walking down the road with just a quarter(25 cents) to your name and yet you are all joyful, blessing the Lord and singing His praise.”

The more I ponder over her definition, the more I realise that she couldn’t have put it any more better than she already has. Just imagine yourself wake up on morning and its like nature itself is at war with you: all you have is just 50p in your pocket and you have no idea what the next minute will bring, or even where the day’s meal will come from. And in spite of all that, you are all so happy, praising God, as you gleefully walk down the long road to wherever it is you have to go; going about your duties like there is nothing to worry about!

Personally, this is way beyond faith; for faith even sometimes ‘stumbles’ when the going gets tough. I agree with this daughter of Christ that this is GRACE and it is just a gift that God gives. It doesn’t even need faith because whilst faith says it is hoping for a better tomorrow, Grace just says “whatever”. It is the only thing that is able to sustain us come hell or high water. It just keeps us going without having to worry about a thing. When we abound in Grace faith comes on its own. Without Grace, faith is impossible. Hebrews 11:1 says ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ It is Grace that brings us to this point of seeing things this way. It is this same Grace that is able to bring the unbeliever to the point of conviction and conversion
which leads to obtaining salvation.
If you ask me, WE NEED GRACE MORE THAN FAITH. Either than that our faith has the propensity of ending on the rocks. It is my earnest prayer that the LORD of Grace will endow us with more of it daily so us to see us through our many struggles in life.




your environment and circumstance may change…
but they don’t have to change you.

it isn’t everything that we must conform to.the world keep changing from bad to worse, Yes, but we must not be swept away by its current.
you can adopt and adjust to new ways of doing things but they should be in consonance to our principles,
what we already know;
what we have been taught;
they values we hold dear.

one of the major problems of this world has been our blind-conformity to certain standards which have now become acceptable norms without us first examining their merits and how good or bad they can affect society. a typical example is how the youth of today copy some so called “stars” blindly and just because those “stars” are doing them, they think its right for them to do it too; thereby compromising their principles just to look good in the eyes of the rest of this pathetic world.

when it comes to values and by that I mean acceptable values, there’s nothing like doing what romans do when in rome. its about sticking to the right way of going about and doing things, and thats exactly what daniel, shadrach, meshach, and abednego did when they wwere sent to babylon as captives; chapter 1 of the book of daniel.

remember their rejection of the king’s choice food and wine and asking the chief of the cults only to feed them with water and fruits;
how about shadrach, meshach and abednego’s refusal to bow to that erected image;
don’t forget the law that actually had been made to kep daniel from praying and he daniel’s own response to that law???????

one of the interpretations of babylon is sin/rebellion. as you read the sentence starting this paragraph, what comes to mind???? I hope you guessed well: the #tower_of_babel. that is the first rebellion that occurred in scripture by man against God. daniel and his friends were part of the jews who had been carried away to that distant land; the then ruling babylonian empire, nebuchadnezzar’s realm. daniel and his counterparts knew the Lord, and knew His laws and commands as well including His omnipotence so they were willing to stand in those dark times. even in the face of imminent danger, they stood firm and did what was right regardless of whatever threats their daring actions posed to them physiocally.

in a world of sin and evil, they chose to keep faith with the Lord, not counting their lives anything worhty of holding on to.they put their necks on the line and honoured their God, their heritage. while others were confroming to babylonian standards, these four guys were doing exploits for the Lord, and through them, God’s mighty hand was made known to the babylonians.

a lot can be said about mordecaia, esther, joseph, lot and his daughters, etc etc, who remained faithful to their God and to His ways. CAN THE SAME BE SAID OF YOU AND I???????? 
brethren, let us sit ourselves down and examine our own lives under God’s microscope ie the bible to see where we stand with our God in this evil world. the stakes are very high and the price, very steep so we must sit down to count the cost and make the most out of it.

GOD be with us all, Amen!