One woman of God was asked to sort of give a definition for GRACE and according to her
“Grace, she says, is the thing when you are walking down the road with just a quarter(25 cents) to your name and yet you are all joyful, blessing the Lord and singing His praise.”

The more I ponder over her definition, the more I realise that she couldn’t have put it any more better than she already has. Just imagine yourself wake up on morning and its like nature itself is at war with you: all you have is just 50p in your pocket and you have no idea what the next minute will bring, or even where the day’s meal will come from. And in spite of all that, you are all so happy, praising God, as you gleefully walk down the long road to wherever it is you have to go; going about your duties like there is nothing to worry about!

Personally, this is way beyond faith; for faith even sometimes ‘stumbles’ when the going gets tough. I agree with this daughter of Christ that this is GRACE and it is just a gift that God gives. It doesn’t even need faith because whilst faith says it is hoping for a better tomorrow, Grace just says “whatever”. It is the only thing that is able to sustain us come hell or high water. It just keeps us going without having to worry about a thing. When we abound in Grace faith comes on its own. Without Grace, faith is impossible. Hebrews 11:1 says ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ It is Grace that brings us to this point of seeing things this way. It is this same Grace that is able to bring the unbeliever to the point of conviction and conversion
which leads to obtaining salvation.
If you ask me, WE NEED GRACE MORE THAN FAITH. Either than that our faith has the propensity of ending on the rocks. It is my earnest prayer that the LORD of Grace will endow us with more of it daily so us to see us through our many struggles in life.



cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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