i look at me today and i see i have grown. 
I have grown 
not in size but in heart 
not in age but in mind and thought and emotion 
i have learned to be tolerant of all 
the spite, hatred, abuse, injustice, despise 
as much as opening up to love, encouragement. 
I have learnt to expect nothing from everything and everything from nothing. 
When all look down upon me and are all negative of me, i have learned to look up to me alone, 
and though they may see a loser in me, i see a hero. 
One of the ways to success is staying true to your passion 
believing in all possibilities and envisaging opportunities. 
Life is never fair and that is not going to change for anyone but those who are firm win in the end.

In me there is a HERO

In me is a winner……………



cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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