at this point in my short life on this earth, could there be anything under the sun that i might find new?????

death isnt new, neither is birth;

chaos isnt new, neither are peace and tranquility;

want is nothing new, nor is abundance;

there is nothing new to wealth or poverty;

loneliness isnt anything unheard of, nor is companionship;

hunger is not new, and being filled is nothing special;

marriage and divorce are as old as time itself;

weddings are funerals will continue as they are;

hostility and friendliness are two sides of the same coin;

love will go love will come and hatred wont cease;

abuses will persist and pampering, the same story;


whatever will be has already been and as the earth remains, the sun will continue to rise and set and the moon will keep up its waning routine.wars will continue and those who have peace within them will live with it.knowledge will continue to increase and advancement in technology will not cease.life will go on as has been from the beginning itself.


the only new thing i find in my life is the renewed love of CHRIST for me each day.at my best HE loves me unconditionally and at my lowest ebb, HE loves me even more- though i may never understand, this newness of divine love will never fail me. it is there for me everyday as well as for everyone who believes in that love………………




cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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