Jesus says, here I stand, wont you please let me in
and say; I will but tomorrow
Jesus says; I AM He who supplies all your needs
ans say I know, but tomorrow………

tomorrow, I’ll give my life tomorrow
I thought about it today
oh, so much easier to say
tomorrow, who promised you tomorrow
better choose the LORD today
for tomorrow very well might be too late

Seek the LORD while he might be found……………
time and tide they wait for no soul.
when He comes again, He is coming for a ready bride that has already been prepared; not one that is yet to get ready. Every ticking second draws us closer to that time bit by bit for little drops of water makes a mighty ocean…..and tick by tack we are nearing the consummation of time.
The time GOD allotted to the gentile nations is gradually coming to an end and pretty soon His divine focus will once again be shifted to Israel. Better we do what has to be done today today without any postponing for in those days, no excuse will be tangible before his sight. His rod of His wrath and his cup of indignation will not be spared on no son of disobedience. For if the righteous will seldom have it easy, how worst for the ungodly. 
Let us examine ourselves and see where we stand in the faith and where we are found wanting, let us strengthen every feeble hands and legs ans encourage the wearied souls and comfort every heart for the Lord will come and will tarry no longer.