There seem to be some kind of controversy surrounding the account of Eve and the forbidden fruit in the early chapters of the book of Genesis, even amongst many in Christendom today.
While many hold to the Bible account of Adam and Eve sinning by eating of an actual forbidden fruit, others say it wasn’t an actual fruit but rather, it may have been a sexual sin that they may have committed which led them to incurring God’s displeasure and their eventual banishment from Eden.

Personally, i find the latter to be presumtious, shameful and irresponsible twisting of Scripture for whatever reason. First of all, before Eve’s creation, God saw that it wasn’t proper for man for man to live alone so he God decided on his own to get him (Adam) a help meet and caused the man to fall into a deep sleep, took one of his ribs and fashioned Eve out of it, then brought her to the man. He then blessed them and told them to he fruitful and multiply so that by default Adam and Eve were married by God himself ans thus any sexual relations between couldn’t have been a sinful act since it was only by that means alone that there could be procreation. Based on this alone, i for one think that argument is floored.
Secondly, there is never an instance in the Bible where it is silent on any sin or shortcoming of any of its characters, not Sven the good ones, so why would the Holy Spirit twist the sin of fornication into just the eating of a forbidden fruit which would only discredit its authenticity.
All Scripture is God breathed and God does not breath lies ans deception.  God cannot lie nor even he tempted with it so if he says it was a forbidden then it was a forbidden fruit.



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