Jacob had two wives : Racheal and Leah.
Rachael was loved and Leah was; just endured – even to the point that when reference was made to the two women in genesis, Rachael was mentioned first before Leah, when its obvious she was the first wife. But note this :

From Rachael came:
and was kept close, together with her children when Jacob went to meet his brother, Esau.

She was barren for most part of her life;
Stole her fathers worthless gods;
Died in the wilderness;
Buried in the wilderness.

From Leah, the despised came:
John the Baptist,

She was sent ahead together with her children so they will be a wall of defence for Jacob, Rachael and Joseph who followed from behind, should Esau make good his intentions of killing Jacob.
She was despised but remained faithful.
She died at a good age and was buried alongside Abraham and Sarah.it is the highest honour for every descendant to share a tomb with Abraham and Sarah

See the ways of God?????? There are a lot of stuff you can pick from these two women. Rachael had all the happiness of this life byt true and spiritual blessing and joy belonged to Leah. The Throne of Israel forever belongs to Leah’s defendants. The priesthood too the same. Christ Jesus is both that King and that Priest. He is directly of the line of Leah. The seed of Abraham which is Christ Jesus, came by Leah. Leah’s progeny would become the GOD-Man. Did she ever dream about such a thing???? That her seed would be the one to sit upon that glorious Heavenly Throne??? That her maker would one beautiful and glorious day choose to be her grandchild and Saviour at the same time????? See its not so much as to what life throws at you or how unfair the circumstances surrounding you might be; but rather your response to them. Naturally, I do believe that Leah would be worried sometimes and maybe would have felt a little jealous of Rachael at certain points but that fact is she kept her composure. I do also believe nothing that she suffered is comparable to the joy that has followed.

Even my eyes are filled with tears as I write it.

“My ways are not your ways;
Neither My thoughts your thoughts”

Declares Jehovah God. Trust in Him reader. Trust, I say, trust Him.