Judge A Little?…

We often guiltier of worst things

Priscilla Sherrie

Just look at the way she is dressed! With soo much cleavage and look at the length of the dress! Father please come quickly and save us from all this!…

Today I have spent quite some time thinking of what to put here. I had a couple of ideas but I felt it wasn’t by the leading of the Holy Spirit so I kept my cool.

I have been following an interesting series on a group page and we began discussing one of the series after a new post had been put up. Our discussion was on different issues the post brought to light but what really got to me was the way we are so quick to judge people instead of showing them love. Then I remembered not too long ago, The Holy Spirit had made me remember having these same thoughts about a lady I once passed by.

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cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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