Yesterday I read a post by some so-called Christian on facebook who apparently had issues with the names ‘Jehovah’ and ‘Jesus’. His simple reason was that the letter ‘J’ does not appear in the Hebrew alphabeth so in his sinking puffed up, conceited and self-righteous mind, he seemed to be questioning the origin and use of the names Jesus and Jehovah.

I have no time to go into the details of whatever it was he was driving at with his puffed up and erroneous mind but the bottomline is this person; this so -called believer is arrogant, lacks humility and skeptical with regards to the Bible. To me, the is religion not faith and very cultic. Today he has issues with the ‘J’ in Jesus and Jehovah: Tomorrow he will start questioning whether the Bible is at all credible and worth believing. This prideful falla has little idea the amount of work and sacrifices than went into the compiling and the canonizing of the Bible we have today: the days of labour, long hours of praying and waiting on the Holy Spirit for guidance, days of fasting, sometimes sitting through the night ; researching through manuscript after manuscript, doing crosscheck after crosscheck to ensure that whatever they came out with was without any doubt whatsoever the very infallible Word of the Almighty given through man through the inspiration of the Spirit of Truth: and here he sits with his little know-it-all mind; someone who was born just yesterday, casting doubt on the veracity of the names of Jesus and Jehovah God: work done by seasoned men of faith who have been tried and tested and proven worthy to be charged with the task or canonizing what we call The Holy Bible today.

Beware of such wolves folks. They have nothing good to offer but to drag unsuspecting ones into bondage and slavery through the deceitfulness of some knowledge they seem to have gained. pray God to keep your minds firm in his word and to keep your hearts from wondering into strange diabolical and demonic doctrines. Such brutes can even go as far as speaking against dignitaries without anything pricking their glowing-iron-seered minds. They promise you freedom yet throw you into spiritual bondages from which they cannot even free themselves.

The moment you start having doubts about any portion of Scripture,  know for sure that you have taken your first step to backsliding. You are no better than the Jehovah’s Witness, the Mormon or the Moslem and other cultic organizations who have denied the Lord who died to set the free.