ever felt like giving up on faith and hope
ever been to the point of doubting the power of God
when all around you lays darkness and gloom
no sun, no moon, not even a starlight in the distant horizon

felt despair, disappointed and depressed
caught in a state of unending destitution
many questions racing through your mind
yet finding no answers; no soul-calming whispers in the wind

no sunshine, no warmth..just the cold
nothing to smile to, everything to weep over
all regrets, pain filled regrets
wishing you could turn back the hand of time

all you could wish for is just another chance
to right every single wrong, reverse every bad step
or maybe, there was a chance to start things afresh
imagining how everything would have been so different

some things may never be changed
some wheels never unturned
Christ Jesus still reigns supreme,and in His due time
His light will shine through your darkness

your rains will cease,
the storm will pass,
your sky will clear,
and best of all
His sun will shine through

let yesterday remain in the past
dream your tomorrow
live your today believing
the Jesus cares for you no matter what.