Taunie MD Baakope
I have come to know that the ‪#‎hausa‬ and ‪#‎arabic‬ bibles use ‪#‎allah‬ as God’s name.
This for me is one of the highest forms of blasphemous errors.
#allah, unlike ‪#‎God‬ is not generic. It is the name of the Arabian moon god. ‘GOD’ is a generic name that refers only to the supremo-divine;
He has many titles and attributes but #allah is NOT one of them so I find it rather distasteful contemplating how and why such an error would be permitted.
Imaging replacing God’s name with Jupiter for the Italian bible, Zeus for the Greek bible, Kali for Indian bible, Buddha for the chinese bible, etc, etc.
In my own ‪#‎Akan‬ cultural setting we have names like ‪#‎Onyankopon‬ meaning ‘The one great God’. It is a variant of ‪#‎Onyan_koro_pon‬.
This name or title is given only the Supreme One or the Creator God. The ‪#‎Ewes‬ have ‪#‎Mawu‬ and ‪#‎Gas‬ have ‪#‎Nwummo‬ ……..don’t know if I spelt it right. All these are generic names or titles that refer solely and only exclusively to the Creator God.
There are other local deities like ‪#‎antoa‬, ‪#‎tano‬, ‪#‎ayanta‬, ‪#‎patangye‬, ‪#‎tigare‬. This latter category of names refer to particular and specific deities …..mostly of aquarian origins. The name #allah falls into this category; and just like Jupiter and Zeus, was the main deity of the Arabian pantheon of deities- just as Zeus was to the Greeks and Jupiter was to the Romans.
Maybe…….just maybe, many people are ignorant of this fact just as I was. I would advice any serious Christian to start paying attention to some of these inconspicuous details. I just cannot imagine myself going on my knees to pray and instead of praying in the name of Jesus I say Jupiter – may GOD EVER FORBID.