Taunie MD Baakope
I have come to know that the ‪#‎hausa‬ and ‪#‎arabic‬ bibles use ‪#‎allah‬ as God’s name.
This for me is one of the highest forms of blasphemous errors.
#allah, unlike ‪#‎God‬ is not generic. It is the name of the Arabian moon god. ‘GOD’ is a generic name that refers only to the supremo-divine;
He has many titles and attributes but #allah is NOT one of them so I find it rather distasteful contemplating how and why such an error would be permitted.
Imaging replacing God’s name with Jupiter for the Italian bible, Zeus for the Greek bible, Kali for Indian bible, Buddha for the chinese bible, etc, etc.
In my own ‪#‎Akan‬ cultural setting we have names like ‪#‎Onyankopon‬ meaning ‘The one great God’. It is a variant of ‪#‎Onyan_koro_pon‬.
This name or title is given only the Supreme One or the Creator God. The ‪#‎Ewes‬ have ‪#‎Mawu‬ and ‪#‎Gas‬ have ‪#‎Nwummo‬ ……..don’t know if I spelt it right. All these are generic names or titles that refer solely and only exclusively to the Creator God.
There are other local deities like ‪#‎antoa‬, ‪#‎tano‬, ‪#‎ayanta‬, ‪#‎patangye‬, ‪#‎tigare‬. This latter category of names refer to particular and specific deities …..mostly of aquarian origins. The name #allah falls into this category; and just like Jupiter and Zeus, was the main deity of the Arabian pantheon of deities- just as Zeus was to the Greeks and Jupiter was to the Romans.
Maybe…….just maybe, many people are ignorant of this fact just as I was. I would advice any serious Christian to start paying attention to some of these inconspicuous details. I just cannot imagine myself going on my knees to pray and instead of praying in the name of Jesus I say Jupiter – may GOD EVER FORBID.



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35 thoughts on “GOD’S NAME IS NOT ALLAH

  1. I love this!…I love this!!…I love this!!!…Earliar this week I was having a discussion with someone on Facebook because the person believed Moslems and Christians worship the same God….I shudder…smh

  2. Nice piece but I differ a bit. Allah actually is just an Arabic name for God. It is another form of the word El which in Hebrew means God. The name Allah was in existence long before the Muslim or Islam.

    People of all cultures have their own names for God but God also has his name which he only revealed to his chosen people through Moses. And when theses people call him in their own language he responds to them. A simple analogy is how babies call the mothers ‘Mama’. But it will be wrong to assume Mama is the mother’s name because she responds to it. She only responds to that because it is the only name the child can identify her by because of his stage of development. And so men of every culture will have their name for God and he will respond to then when they call him. But when they are ‘old enough ‘ then he tells them his name as he did with the Jew’s.

    Chineke, Onyankopon, El etc are examples of these names. They are names of God we give him and he responds but his true name is Jehovah. And Allah is only one of these names.

    But anyway God is not even so huge about his name. Jesus walked on this earth and never once called God by his real name. He only referred to him as the Father.

    Instead of thinking of Muslims as people who are some strange idol worshippers, think of them as the ones who were deceived when Jesus said : John 5:43 I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

    They are the seed of Abraham who received the wrong prophet.

    1. Thanks for the input and I understand the angle from which you approach this but Allah only became God’s name after Mohammed on his return from Mecca rid Arabia of all the other deities leaving the god of the kaba. The kaba as we know it houses the black stone which according to them fell from heaven.

      I cited examples of Jupiter and Zeus. Both were the major deities of the romans and Greeks respectively.

      If we are to go by your analogy, then the people from Italy should use Jupiter for God and the Greeks should use Zeus instead of Theo. And perhaps Odin for the Danes and so on and forth.

      Allah is the moon god ,hence the crescent moon insignia for Moslems.

      1. Mohammed could not have named God. He misrepresented God. Mohammed is an Arab. Arabs are the seed of Ishmael who settled on the mountain of Arabia. Arabs are Gods blessings to Ishmael when he told Abraham that he will also make Ishmael a great nation. They were never pagan worshippers. No seed of Abraham could have been a pagan worshipper because he had that blessing from God.

        When you compare them to Romans and Greeks who God never chose or called then you are greatly mistaking. And certainly you cant compare Allah to one of their Gods.

        I already told you Allah is an Arabic rendition of the Hebrew El which was how Abraham and his family called God. Abraham didn’t know God as Jehovah.. Exodus 6:3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them. This he told Moses.

        And so when Ishmael left they kept calling God El which later became Illah and now Allah. Mohammed founded Islam but he didn’t call God Allah.. He claimed to be a prophet of him and mislead the second greatest nation of God which are the Arabs.

        I’ll also have you know that Arabs used to worship Allah on Saturday which is the Sabbath day but this same Mohammed who claimed to be a prophet told Arabs that God is testing their faithfulness to him by seeing if they will worship him on Fridays should he change the Sabbath day to that day. And he misled them. He did a lot of things in his name like Christ predicted.

        And one more thing, all the Biblical stories in the Quran were adopted from Judaism. They were already in circulation in Arabia long before Mohammed. Some of the stories were evenbtold to him by Arabic scribes who also kept the word of God. Most of these scribes even from the moment he said Allah wanted to change the Sabbath day stopped following him.

      2. First of all, I made no such claim that the name Allah originated with Mohammed. No! Mohammed came to meet it. Arabia in those times had their pantheon of deities that they worshipped and the most revered of that host was allah , the moon deity.

        Yes, Mohammed is arab of the line of ishmael, Abraham’s first son. Yes God bless ishmael and his posterity because he was descended from Abraham. If you read the account of Sarah asking Abraham to send haggar and his son out of their household, Abraham was grieved but if you have read well, God asked Abraham to harken to the voice of his wife because his covenant with was through the son Sarah shall bear for him. As for Ishmael, he was going to bless him because he was Abraham’s son. And the covenant was established with Jacob and his sons. Not the Arabs. As to whether Ishmael carried along with him God’s name and taught it to his progeny none of us can tell because I am not aware of any record of history that claims so.

        As for their being pagan or not, I have a simple question.

        Upon what do we judge something as being pagan or not?

        From the biblical perspective, it is simply any form of religion and practices that do not follow God’s approved means- as dictated by the law through moses in old testament times and in new testament times. If that be the case, then any nation that in old testament times that did not go to God through the law given to moses was pagan. That was why the israelites and jews were strictly forbidden from having any kind of dealings with any other nation lest they profane themselves. It is the same with today. Paganism is any form of religion that bypasses Christ Jesus.

        If paganism were judged by virtue of birth alone then no nation should be pagan because we all descended fron Adam and adam is the son of God.

      3. In John Jesus told the Samaritan woman –
        John 4:22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

        The Samaritans decended from the Isrealites. They had a religion called Samaritanism which is closely related to Judaism. They also worshipped God but a little differently from the Isrealites.

        Now can you tell me the Samaritans were pagans because they did not worship God properly?

        Man finds it difficult to identify God and the truth even the Israelites themselves found it difficult and so God sent us Jesus who came saying I am the truth.

        He appeared to the Samaritans because there were other religions which sprung out of Judaism and also had difficulties in knowing how to truly identify the father. These religions are not pagan religions.

        If you say aside Judaism all religions were pagan religions then the Samaritans were also pagan worshippers. But that isn’t true.

        What Islam is today is like the religion of the Samaritans. Proof is how they observe all the prophets of Israel as also sent to them and this didn’t start with Mohammed. It was there long before Mohammed. Mohammed claimed to be another prophet who was rather after power and wealth and greatly deceived the people. He came in his own name and God’s people received him. Just as Jesus prophesied. They were not pagans. Paganism is totally different. It is not determined by virtue of birth but it is ended when God makes a covenant with a you. When this happens he teaches you how to worship, he sends you prophets and his word. And so it is virtually impossible to go back to paganism after a covenant with God because of his jealous nature. He won’t easily let you go. Remember Ishmael was included in the covenant. He was circumcised. So don’t think Muslims are totally lost.

        Having a covenant with God is the first step of man towards salvation then identifying the truth and his prophets and consequently the identifying Messiah . And that is what Islam has failed to do.

      4. Lol were you there when they replaced God with the moon God? That is just one argument of Atheists in saying there are no Gods but man worshipping idols. They even say we worship the Sun God on Sunday. Can you believe that?

        That idea really has no proof. I have just told you the etymology of the word Allah. Is it from a language God created.. Called Arabic.. And people of that language are also allowed to call God by name. And tat name is Allah. Arabia is a Semitic language.. Like Aramaic and Hebrew and Amharic and Akkadian . They are closely related languages and their common name for God is similar.. You can google and compare their names for God.

        It is Atheism that proposes this Idea of the moon God and maybe some lies from Mohammad also promted it. But Allah was the name Arabs used to call God.

      5. Jupiter is from a language God created called Italian, Zeus Greek ,antoa nyama from asante twi….is that your point???

        The etymology of it has little to do with this.

        And to claim that it is atheism that has the concept of Allah being the moon god means you know very little of Islamic history.

      6. I don’t know because I am not an Arab and don’t know the Arabic lingua. What I do know however is Allah is the moon god that Muslims worship and they equate him to Jehovah.

      7. You also made mention of the arabs worshipping on saturday. Indeed! But that was only after Mohammed had instituted his ideology. The fact of the matter is no one wanted to side with him. Not even his own people. At the start to gain credibility for himself and his cult, he tried to align himself with the Jews and Christians scattered all over Arabia in those days. At first they did. As a result he organized his religion after the manner of that of the Jews in Arabia as he observed them. They fasted ten days in a month , prayed facing Jerusalem and worshipped on the Sabbath as well. Later on, the Jews realized their error and tried to dissociate themselves from him and his cult. He didn’t take likely to this and so he slaughtered them all, changed the fasting days to 30 and they began praying facing Mecca.

  3. Islam is still waiting for a Messiah if you know. And their voice today is like that of the Samaritans when the woman said John 4:25 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.

    They have rather failed to receive the Messiah and rather have received someone who came to glorify himself saying he is God’s final prophet to man. How? While there are still prophets being sent. Mohammed simply looked for his own glory. The greatest glory any man could ever look for.

  4. Hi, as a Christian I know for a fact that the Muslim supreme being is not the same as the God of Christian. Our God has a son and is expressed in the Holy Spirit, these make Him unique.

    My question however is: What should an Arabic speaking Christian teacher call God? When we are preaching in Twi we say Onyankopon (like the traditionalists also call their supreme being) and Yesu (Jesus) and Sunsum Kronkron (The Holy Ghost), why is there an issue when the language is Arabic? We must be stressing however, the point that the Christian Father God is not the same person as the Muslim Allah.

    “I have come to know that the ‪#‎hausa‬ and ‪#‎arabic‬ bibles use ‪#‎allah‬ as God’s name.
    This for me is one of the highest forms of blasphemous errors.”
    What should the Hausa and Arabic bibles have said?

    1. The issue is not the language. I believe that is where the confusion is right now.

      Allah is the name of a specific deity of the moon known to the people of Arabia since only time knows when. That is the point I have kept on stressing.

      As a ghanaian , when i say ‘tegare’..you certainly know what i am referring to.

      When i say ‘ayanta’ too, the same. These are particular and specific deities.

      When we say Onyankopon, we only mean the supreme being and that name is generic. Allah, however, is not generic. It is the name of a specific deity.

      When mohammed upon his return from his flight to Medina , came back to mecca, the first thing he did was rid arabia of it’s pantheon of deities but left only one…

      That one is allah, and he equated him to the supreme God and creator.

      Initially, the jews in arabia then thought there coukd be something good to it but upon look realized that hell no! This allah god this guy oroclaims is not our Jehovah God. They immediately, distanced themselves from him and as punishment, he slaughtered them all.

      1. Well frankly Islam has affixed itself onto the Arabic culture, affecting the language thereby but as it turns out God is generic like you said. Christians say it, unbelievers use and so forth and so if in the Arabic language (not Islamic religion) supreme being is Allah, our job as apologists should be to clear the waters: The Christian God is not the same as the Muslim ‘God’. Let’s look into this.

      2. 100% in agreement. We know that their god is not the same God we serve . if that is the case , why then should we accept the name Allah for our Jehovah.

      3. Hehe, bro, I dont speak Arabic yet but my point is, we should draw a distinction between the Islamic religion and the Arabic culture and language like we have done for our local culture and the traditional religion. When a fetish priest pours libation and calls on Onyankopon, his supreme being who works through smaller gods, in your opinion, does He refer to our Onyankopon whose son is Yesu? Why dont we challenge the correctness of God’s name when rendered in our local language?
        In any case, our Father described Himself to Moses as ‘I AM THAT I AM’. He is that He is because nothing that we are aware can capture Him fully, maybe we’re trying too hard to define an indescribable God. Just some thoughts.

      4. God certainly cannot be defined because he is far beyond the fathomable limits of our human minds.

        We as ghnanians before the advent of christianity believed in the supreme being for whom we had generic names unique to our various ethnic groups.

        However, as we both know already, we worshipped him through specific minor deities. Ayanta, Tigare, Antoa, Patangye, etc. These are not generic names but specific ones.

        It is the same with allah.

        It is not generic. It has only been genericized simply because islam has bern forced down on people and the name has become wildly accepted in islamic communities. Lose not sight of the fact that until recently, the only language allowed for islamic teaching and instruction has been invariably arabic. They only permitted other languages because the west which islam is hell burnt on destroying was still impenetrable. They just had to change strategy.

        Looking at Christianity, each culture and society has generic name for God even we also have variants of his Hebrew and Aramaic names. Examples include , Deux for French speakers, Dios for Spanish, God for anglophones, Theo for Greeks, Onyame Onyankopon for akans, Mawu for Ewes.

        None of these generic names is given to any other being apart from the supreme one.

        Allah, is not one of them because he was a particular god was before Mohammed began his Islam. He was the chief god of the Arabian pantheon of gods just like Jupiter, Odin, and Zeus.

        That is the simple point I am making.

        If they call God allah, I find it very hard to swallow cos he never referred to himselfvas such

        Allah, as I have constantly maintained is not generic.

        One last thing: the I AM THAT I AM never for once sent a prophet to any nation or people that was not of the lot of the Israelites.

        Every prophet or apostle was of the Jewish nation until Christianity was firmly established. You can verify this from your bible if you have one. So why would he reveal a different message to an Ishmaelite using another name?
        El has nothing to do with allah.

      5. But did he reveal his name as Onyankopon or Chineke or Amowia or Baba or Mawu or El or Nyame or Oludumare or Olurun or Imana or Nyomo

        Or you are sure those ones were never names of any idols in an idol worshippers land? Or you think Arabs who were involved in the covenant even before you were not smart enough to observe God as the creator of the universe?

        It seems you don’t want to learn and I can’t continue further.

        But the day you are fully convinced to believe that doctrine that same day you read another post from those who started it claiming the Judeo Christian God is nothing but the sun god from Egyptian and Greek myths.

      6. Arabs were never involved in any covenant, and if really indeed you had a Bible that you took time to read, you would know this.

        God’s covenant was with Abraham, Isaac , and Jacob. Not even Esau was part of that covenant. Later that covenant was established with the sons of jacob- the nation Israel.

        Ishmael was never a part of that covenant. His descendants were never involved in any covenant with God. He only blessed them for the sake of being a seed of Abraham.

        You are a Ghanaian, or at least I would want to believe so, so you can tell me if Onyankopon refers to some idol or not.

        Allah, was and is will always be the moon god. He is not Jehovah God.

        God only revealed his name to Israel. Gentile nations have their individual renditions which are generic and refer to no particular idol like allah does.

        As for learning, I do learn and glad to say that I do learn from credible sources who have a moral duty to uphold the truth and have no reason to lie.
        If you don’t wish to continue, well , I didn’t invite and so you can exit the same way you entered.

      7. Listen to yourself. Look at what you are saying. Quick to say I don’t know the Word. And judgemental too.. Just like a typical Pharisee. But I’ll make this last comment for your sake and expect you to become a better Christian

        What was the first covenant God established with Abraham? Read Genesis 17 10 and you’ll know what I am talking about. Then you’ll understand that even before Isaac was born Ishmael was already in a covenant with God through his father.

        Read further to 25, 26 and you’ll even understand that they both made that first covenant with God on the same day. …Talking about his covenant was only with Isaac smh

        The covenant with Isaac was a second covenant. And in His word an everlasting covenant. That is the covenant by faith which we all enjoy and can become part of Abraham’s family through faith.

        But the first covenant God made with Abraham was the covenant of flesh which was circumcision and I’ll have you know again that on that same day Abraham observed the covenant, his son Ishmael observed it too.

        I won’t continue further but I hope you really learn from this. Instead of trying to understand scripture by yourself which is obvious, allow the Spirit to teach you. Pray and ask for the Spirit.

        I believe we are all teachers edifying the body of Christ and it is through fellowship and communion that we can become better teachers. So this interaction is simply nothing but one of those but if you harden your heart then you won’t attain full maturity.

        More and more things are being revealed by the day because the time of the Lord is getting nearer. There will be new revelations in scripture that will shock people but is simply because the time is nearer. For example scripture can now prove that at a point in time there was the evolution of man.

        Do you know how many Christians will call this blasphemy? But it is true and it has only been revealed now because the time is near and more people have to see reasons beyond doubt and accept the Gospel of Christ.

      8. God is not revealing anything beyond the canon of scripture; and goodness me, you are here to talk about biological evolution too??


        No wonder you are a strong apologist for Islam and allah.

        And yet again you are here calling me judgmental…. Haven’t you judged me since you joined this this thread???

        I have said and keep saying that allah is the moon god, you keep disputing that fact but yet cannot give me ample reasons to believe otherwise except that they are Arabs and as such the name Allah should suffice, the reasons for which aren’t cogent.

        Let’s do ourselves a favour and call it a day.

        A so called Christian who has reason to believe God is still giving ‘new revelations’ outside of scripture and gives thought to human evolution…..sorry to say you lost your right to call yourself such.

        Man evolved indeed! I would like to see some observable evidence of your own evolution.

  5. When you call God Onyankopon what do you expect Arabs to call him.. Mind you Arabs through their ancestor Ishmael knew God as supreme to a personal level before you and all your ancestors. I find it ridiculous on your side that you openly state you do not know the name they should call him but you are quick to say Allah is not that name. Allah simply means supreme God, just as El or Eloah and that is the transformation of the word El from hebrew to Arabic. It is a borrowed word. Do you know how widespread the name of God was during that time because of the things he did with Israel? Do you know how many cultures in that area who worshipped El too because of the things they had heard about him but even didn’t know how to worship him properly? For a language as Semitic as Arabic and as a people as the Arabs you should know that they knew God truly and some of his ways longer than all of us and our ancestors while we were still idol worshippers.

    The Jews left Mohammed but they still worshipped Allah. And today they are the Arab Christians. Even the Jews of Israel left and killed many of God’s prophets but did they stop worshipping Adonai?

    The same way they identified some prophets as not from God, that same way they identified Mohammed as not from God which was at least something they did right but the majority of them through force were led astray and that has resulted in Islam today.

    The history of Islam began when? Only when Mohammed claimed to be a prophet of God. Do you think any seed of Ishmael didn’t know the name of God then? And what you now do? If even one Jew followed Mohammed believing he was a prophet sent from God then you should know that means there was one thing he did right. Getting the name correct. Would they have followed a different god with another name? No please! Find out the history and etymology of the word Allah outside your “moon God” context. And as a historian if etymology means nothing like you said then I do not know how you gather your facts. It carries traces of history.

    You are quick to say Onyankopon is God and has a Son and a Holy Spirit because you have been easily convinced that they are one and the same. But you can’t decifer that someone who was once in your shoes is having problems identifying his God with that nature because of the nature of his religion.

    Arab Christians have no name for God than Allah. And this didn’t start with the writing of an Arabic Bible like you think. You think they took the name from Islam. No! They took it from Arabic and Arabic was long before Islam. Arabic was long before the Muslim. Allah was long before Islam. Except some worshippers of Allah or Eloah followed the wrong prophet.

    I think before you state Allah is not the name of God in Arabic the first thing you should do is provide his name in Arabic for all the Arab Christians. Before you even think of writing that kind of piece. It is like saying Onyankopon is not God’s name.

    Don’t you think Christ would’ve revealed it took them by now if they are wrong? Or do think that kind of confession of God having a Son and a Holy Spirit is just done by heart? Don’t you know it is the spirit that leads you to make this confession?

    If you have been born again of the spirit and not like born again like many Christians in the church I think you will begin to understand that this error can never happen. The Holy Spirit would have given them a name by now. Or do you think when they pray he is not there?

    And what do you call it a disrespect to Christianity? Not even once did Jesus call God by Jehovah or Adonai and as his follower look at what you are doing. You strike me as the type of Christian who judges but Christ never judged.

    The Christian Arabs say this Allah-al-al, Allah-al-ibn, Allah al-ruk-al-quh to mean God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and before you try to change that consult the Holy Spirit to teach you the name to use and tell them okay. Rather than being the type of Christian you are.

    In Aramaic the name of God Is Elaha or Elah. Allah is simply another rendition of this name in Arabic because Arabic and Aramaic are the same. Just like Hebrew where God’s name is Eloah.

    1. I cannot provide any name for the Arabs. What I do know is that Allah is the moon god and is not the same as the Judeo-Christian God.

      God only revealed his holy name to the Jews and only the Jews.

      Whatever other names we have for him in other languages are mere titles.

      As for you thinking me as one who judges, that is for you to deal with.

      Allah is a particular ancient deity of Arabia that Muslims are putting in place of the true God who never revealed his name as allah.

  6. I expected this response.. It was just a little trap I set for you to see who teaches you the Word.. But never mind. ..probably in 5years time when you hear it, you’ll wonder how I knew this today .

    Then you’ll understand why I said pray for the spirit. Bye!

    1. What happens in five years to come won’t change a jot of the eternal and infallible word of God.

      And don’t make the mistake of thinking anything would surprise me at this point in my life.

      Even the pope believes in extraterrestrials so yoi believing biological evolution and cooking up a narrative to fit it in 5yrs to come is bearly a scratch for me.

      As for who teaches me the bible, don’t worry. They have been tried and tested.

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