Unbiblical Theology

​And so last night a course mate and a study group member took me on a date.
Well, it felt kinda funny cos that was the first time anyone has called me to go somewhere with them. Initially, i was a bit hesitant – for a reason or two. The first being that the place we were going to is on the outskirts of town and i for  one don’t fancy night outings that ain’t close by….reason two is confidential- but then i gave in and decided to go with this mate. I am a guy of very few words so hanging out to me is a boring venture unless it entails something which is quite engaging and can keep me busy.
And so we went to church and by the time we got there it seemed like the sermoner was half through is message. We found for ourselves a comfortable spot and then settled in. We listened as preacherman preached. The topic  was something on family backgrounds. Congregants screamed when they had to, others yelled. There were still others who stood up every now and then to lift up hands. Quite a number also gave seeds of faith. Apparently,  they were being told what they wanted to hear.
Me and my date, …well, we just sat there and listened without the fuss of youthful exuberance and drama that characterizes most charismatic churches of today.
Then as preacherman continued, he hit on something that sent my mind going like ‘ here we go’.
He said, to be born in Obuasi, that is my town of residence, grow up in obuasi and die in obuasi is a curse.
Whoa!!!! Hold on for a minute!
What kind of theology is that????
Well, i just turned to date and asked:
Assuming i had been born in New York or London or Toronto and grew up there and was going to die there someday, would this same preacherman have referred to it as a curse??? Interestingly, my date and I had our thoughts harmonizing around the same frequencies. Right there and then, we knew Mr preacher had ruined the night for us.
That notwithstanding,  we stayed through to the end of the service, got our confused behinds back to our homes and got for ourselves the sleep our destabilized minds deserved.
Good afternoon!




cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

6 thoughts on “Unbiblical Theology

  1. Interesting….so you guys went on a date to church?… I don’t think preacher man was trying to belittle Obuasi though…He was encouraging the congregation to move out of their comfort zones.

      1. Well , he could have gone ahead to talk about not limiting ourselves to our comfort zones without the ‘ obuasi born + obuasi die= curse’ as an illustration.

        There is a man in obuasi, born here, lived here all his life and from the looks of it may join his ancestors from this same place.

        I saw him as i grew up and and I am fully aware of his progress.

        Apparently, he is the richest person in town. How then is that a curse.

        It is how you die that matters and not the where you are birthed and where you die.

        That is my point.

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