As people there are certain parts of our personalities that is simply common knowledge.

We are aware they are there with us- however weird or bad they mayvlook, feel, or sound- we ain’t oblivious to the fact those around us know about it or them either. That is the #outerCourt of our human sanctuary. Whatever people’s opinions are regarding those aspects of our individual personalities, we simply don’t give a rat’s eye.

It may not seem like we appreciate their presence in our lives but it gets to a point where each come to the realization that whether we like it or not, or whether world around us will choose to see it in proper light or not, there is always little that can be done about them. We may as well live with them instead of worry our soon to perish lives sick over them. The decisions of the courts of public opinion simply do not matter.

There is also the those aspects that only near and dear ones are privy to. That is the #innerCourt of life’s sanctuary. Those are the ones others are privy to only because we choose to give the information out by ourselves. The closest ones through careful observations may notice certain traits but can only be sure of their observations after they have received confirmation from us. Until then, they remain nothing more than intuitions. Daring ones will muster every ounce of courage they have left and bring it up for discussion. Some too would rather keep their noses where they belong and not meddle.

Then comes the #holyPlace. Here aspects of our personality are known only ourselves and God. No person is well  ever trusted well enough to be granted access to this part. As one bishop puts it, it is where we lie naked before our maker.whatever is there shall remain until we descend into our six-foot high home



cool, quiet, calm, enduring.....

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